Smoking chimnies

Never forget that when it comes to net zero, we need to reduce emissions. How is that going? According to the IEA it's going very badly.

Gas pipelines

CCGT generation still exceeds National Grid ESO forecasts. What we are doing to reduce the use of gas to generate electricity is just not working.

GB wind progress

Wind regularly fails to achieve National Grid forecasts. In 2022 it's still failing to deliver, even against reduced targets. Can we rely on anything from it?

Wind Hornsea 2

On completion in 2022 Hornsea 2 became the world's largest offshore wind farm. Is it supplying 1.4 million homes yet?

What is degrowth?

To avoid future crises, advocates of degrowth say it is time to embrace a model that prioritizes social and ecological wellbeing.

Traffic in Dhaka

Riccardo Mastini discusses how unbridled growth appears to be at odds with social well-being and environmental sustainability.

GB demand side measures

Here is a summary of the demand-side measures UK companies and policymakers are – and aren’t – currently considering.

Green Growth

How can Green Growth mean we can grow and develop but still ensure that natural assets continue to provide us with what we need?

Dead Wright whale

George Monbiot says "‘Green growth’ doesn’t exist – less of everything is the only way to avert catastrophe". I agree with him.

Wind sock

Wind variability is a huge issue in many locations, and particularly in GB. How do the supporters of wind hide this variability?

Wind turbines

How credible are operators' claims about the performance of their wind farms? Hornsea One, for example.

Norway Flag

Should GB count on importing electricity from Norway in the longer term? And what do we export to them?

BEV on charge

Can Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) storage really provide enough help for GB to be able to deal with variable sources?