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About me

I am a graduate of the University of London, with postgraduate qualifications in Mathematics and Statistics.

I started my career as an academic including time as a member of a research team at the City University in London, publishing work in various journals.

Having decided to move away from academic work, I undertook increasingly senior project and programme management roles - often on a freelance basis - for a range of public and private sector organisations, including:

  • Manufacturing: DAF Trucks, Unilever
  • IT: British Library, British Film Institute
  • Finance: Barclays Bank, Halifax
  • UK Government: HMRC, DTI
  • Retail: Morrisons

Projects and programmes have included substantial elements of international work.

My consultancy work has included involvement in the creation of a Masters degree course in Project Management for a major European university.


I have been fortunate enough to travel extensively on all of the continents, except Antarctica.

Some of my work overseas has been performed on a voluntary basis, and this has included projects in remote areas in the Far East, and has included marine surveying work.

This has made me acutely aware of the impact of mining and extraction activities, and in particular the effects on the homelands and livelihoods of indigenous communities.

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This site

I am publishing this website in response to a number of issues related to our climate crisis:

  • the misinformation that is promoted to undermine the facts of the crisis, both deliberately and as a result of ignorance;
  • the responses to the crisis that concentrate on pursuing the same policies that have created and then continued to worsen the crisis rather than solve it;
  • approaches that are likely to do more harm than good;
  • some of the false information presented to support various technical aspects of 'solutions';
  • the need to look after our planet for all of its inhabitants.

The website is operated and financed privately. I have no affiliation with any organisation. I do not accept sponsorship, donations or advertising.

A note to the climate crisis deniers

If you do not accept the reality of climate the climate crisis - or of humanity's contribution to it - please do not waste time trying to persuade me that it is unreal. The evidence that it is real is now overwhelming.

I am very happy for you to stop reading at any time that you want to. I probably can't persuade you that the man-made climate crisis is real, and you certainly won't persuade me that it is not.


You can contact me by sending an email to toby@tobyarnott.com . I will be particularly interested to hear of any errors in the content, useful additional sources of information and of any counter-arguments you may want to present.


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