About me

I am a graduate of the University of London, with postgraduate qualtifications in Mathematics and Statistics.

I was a member of a research team at the City University in London, publishing work in various journals.

This Site

I am publising this website in response to a number of issues related to our climate crisis:

  • the responses to the crisis that concentrate on pursuing the same policies that have created and then continued to worsen the crisis rather than solve it;
  • approaches that are likely to do more harm than good;
  • some of the false information presented to support various technical aspects of 'solutions';
  • the need to look after our planet for all of its inhabitants.

The website is operated and financed privately. I have no affiliation with any organisation. I do not accept sponsorship, donations or advertising.

A note to the climate change deniers

If you do not accept the reality of climate change - or of humanity's contribution to it - please do not waste time trying to persuade me that it is unreal. The evidence that it is real is now overwhelming.

I am very happy for you to stop reading at any time that you want to. I probably can't persuade you that man-made climate change is real, and you certainly won't persuade me that it is not.


You can contact me by sending an email to toby@tobyarnott.com . I will be particularly interested to hear of any errors in the content, useful addditional sources of information and of any counter-arguments you may want to presemt.

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