USA Emissions and Energy Sources
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To quote the IEA "The energy policy landscape of the United States has fundamentally changed over the past decade. In many respects, the country is in a strong position to deliver a reliable, affordable and environmentally sustainable energy system."

With generally reducing emissions can the USA deliver "a reliable, affordable and environmentally sustainable energy system" as the IEA anticipates?

USA Emissions

The chart shows the progress of USA's CO2 emissions from 1990 onwards.

Reduction in emissions in the USA has been greatly helped by innovations in oil and gas extraction through horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing to access shale.

It is also argued that a large portion of the USA's emissions has been shifted to other countries producing and then transporting goods to the USA.

USA Energy Fuel Mix

Despite considerable increases in the use of renewable sources, most of the energy used in the USA still comes from fossil fuels.

The use of coal has been greatly reduced by the increased cost-competitiveness of natural gas based on shale gas extraction.